Welcome to Kids ETC

Kids ETC provides diagnostic, assessment, and intervention services for children and adolescents with pervasive developmental disorders (e.g. autism), disruptive behavior disorders, learning difficulties, and internalizing disorders.

We specialize in providing in-home behavioral intervention using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We offer parent-training, staff-training, school observations, and consultations with other professionals. We will assist families of children with autism spectrum disorders set up in-home behavioral treatment programs using discrete trial methodology.

Our Mission

Kids ETC is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to children and their families. We believe that all children are capable of learning and our teaching approach strives to maximize each child’s potential.

“If a child can’t learn in the way that we teach, then we must teach in a way he can learn”

-O. Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D.

Meet Our Director

Stacey Tomanik, Ph.D. is a Registered Psychologist with over two decades of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders and behavioral difficulties. Dr. Tomanik received her initial clinical training at the University of California, Los Angeles Clinic for the Behavioral Treatment of Children and the Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention. She worked under the supervision of Dr. Ivar Lovaas and Dr. Jacqueline Wynn as a Case Supervisor, Behavioral Consultant, and Therapist. During her time at UCLA she also contributed in the writing of the book, “Teaching Individuals with Developmental Delays: Basic Intervention Techniques” (2003) by O. Ivar Lovaas.

Dr. Tomanik received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Houston, where she helped found and direct a treatment program for children with autism. She has lectured at UCLA and has taught courses at the University of Houston on the use of behavioral principles with children with autism spectrum disorders and related childhood behavior problems.

Dr. Tomanik now resides in her home town of Calgary, Alberta.